Last November, I was approached by the Certification folks at SolidWorks to contribute some images and a few quotes that might help promote becoming a Certified SolidWorks Professional to attendees of SolidWorks World 2011.  Being a CSWP, CSWP-AWS and CSWP-ASMS, and being willing at every opportunity to promote the use of good tools in creative design, I submitted some work for consideration.
“Being SolidWorks certified sharpens your skills.  It means you know what you’re doing and you can prove it.”

“I use SolidWorks to design any type of frame because the Weldments tools make it so easy.”

Did you go to SolidWorks World this year?  I missed the big event but I learned that it was recorded and posted online.  If you shift the timeline on this video to about 5:25, you will catch Mike Puckett and Avelino Rochino introducing us as “Rock Stars”.

I highly recommend becoming certified, not because the test is easy or hard, not because it will make you stand out above the crowd, but because it will stretch your skills.  Stretching means learning and learning is something you should never stop doing. It was fun to support SolidWorks with some cool images, but I’m no Rock Star!