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Ever since I was young, I’ve had an obsession with the idea of  “product development”.  Every new idea I’ve had is accompanied by 10 more about how to manufacture, package, brand and market the idea.  I can’t explain the obsession, it’s just what rolls out of my brain next.  I’ve created products like CookieCrumbs, the Toad Stool, the KingKol and A Place In Your Heart.  My biggest frustration in all this is that I cannot seem to get even one of these products successfully to market.  Like everyone else, I blame lack of time and resources.  This year I want to try something different.  Like Captain Kirk who rewrote the Kobayashi Maru test, I’m going to redefine success.  All this time, I’ve been judging my self by units sold and since I’ve sold very few units of any of my products (except maybe LolliPop Toppers™), I feel unsuccessful.  One product of my design is going to change that.

The product I’m contemplating is the BoogerBall story I penned.

BoogerBall-BlogImageI know, roll your eyes and say, “Oh brother, what absurdity is he talking about now?”  Well, I wrote a mildly humorous story some years ago called, “How to Make a BoogerBall” for my daughter Ellen.  I posted it here, on my company website for the world to see.  To my amazement, the world has seen it.

So that’s my product.  Not a BoogerBall, not a book about BoogerBalls, but the story itself, How to Make a BoogerBall by Amos E. Avery.  Why does this redefine success for me?  Because it’s already a success.  My goal is not to sell the story, but to get people to read it.  My first website counter reached 4000 plus readers before I changed web hosts.  The new site has over 29000 hits on that page.  Blogs around the world have pages of comments about my story.  It’s already a success.  Anything I can do to gain more readers is a success and anything I can sell along the way is icing on the cake.

So here’s the plan.  Launch as a legitimate site (it’s just forwarding to a page on my company site right now).  Do all of the “product development” things I can’t help but do (you should see the pages of notes and drawings I have for just this idea alone).  Develop manufacturing techniques, logos, packaging, identities, marketing strategies, support products, tag lines, graphics and compelling stories.  Most importantly, write about all of it as I do it. will be the recipient of the finished product – the story and all of its supporting stuff. will be the recipient of this first entry and all subsequent entries along the way.  So, if you want to learn more about creativity mixed with faith mixed with foolishness mixed with practical product development insights, stay tuned.


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Friday, January 15th, 2010 Product Development, Swell Ideas

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